FlightAware provides GADSS solutions for airlines and aircraft operators all over the world.

Product Overview

  • 4D position information reported at a standard interval of at least once-per-minute.

  • تغطية عالمية لمراقبة الطائرة بنسبة 100% كاملة في أي مكان بالعالم باستخدام نظام بث المراقبة المستقل التلقائي عبر الأقمار الاصطناعية.

  • Automatically generates logs with 4D positions for aircraft in distress or potential distress.

  • Does not require additional avionics or equipment for aircraft equipped with 1090 MHz “ADS-B Out” and a top-mounted antenna.
  • Works in conjunction with existing processes and tools commonly used by operators.
  • Facilitates communication between operator and Air Traffic Control (ATC) with constant fleet monitoring, automated distress alerts and tools that make it easy to share information when needed.
  • Transcends borders and Flight Information Regions (FIRs), including polar airspace.
  • Easy to deploy and/or provision to any third party on behalf of the operator.

Flight Monitoring

  • View a map of your airborne aircraft with 4D positions updated once-per-minute.
  • See a list of airborne and recently completed flights with each aircraft’s origin/destination, arrival time, 4D position information, groundspeed as well as any alerts that have been configured for the flight.
  • Visualize the location of any aircraft in distress.
  • 100% truly global coverage, including over oceans, polar regions, and deserts with Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B.
Flight Monitoring
Distress Alerting

Distress Tracking & Alerts

  • Customize warning and emergency alerts based on:
    • Number of minutes since last position received
    • Unusual altitude
    • Unusual vertical speed
    • Sustained flight 500 ft. half altitudes
    • 7500, 7600, 7700, and user-defined Squawk codes
  • Receive alerts via text message, phone call or email.

Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B is also available via FlightAware Firehose and SITAONAIR

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FlightAware GADSS Solutions

The most cost-effective and easiest to deploy solution for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aeronautical Distress & Safety System (GADSS).

Developed based on ICAO standards and recommended practices, GlobalBeacon℠ is a first of its kind product from Aireon℠ and FlightAware that makes global, minute-by-minute tracking possible today.

GlobalBeacon℠ is a web-based alerting dashboard that combines Aireon℠ space-based ADS-B position data with FlightAware’s technology and worldwide flight information – including origin, destination and estimated time of arrival (ETA). The web dashboard provides real-time 4D aircraft positions as well as customizable alerts for immediate notification if an aircraft is in distress. It is designed to be a turn-key solution that complements existing tools and systems to give airlines and aircraft operators the peace of mind that their fleet is being monitored anywhere in the world.

Since “ADS-B Out” is already mandated in many parts of the world, most airlines and aircraft operators don’t require additional equipment to take advantage of GlobalBeacon℠.

Flight Tracking for Airlines: The Quick Breakdown

Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B
Not Global
Typically takes less than 5 seconds from the aircraft to the flight tracking/alerting system
Can take up to 4 minutes from the aircraft to the flight tracking/alerting system
ADS-B is a modern and proven technology, designed to complement or replace radar
Designed over 25 years ago as an oceanic communication tool
Low earth orbiting satellites at 781km above the earth enable detection of an aircraft's ADS-B position in real-time
Technology is not suitable for air traffic surveillance under the international surveillance standards
Technology is air traffic surveillance-grade
Requires purchase of SATCOM avionics
No additional avionics required. (ADS-B equipage is mandated in many countries including the US, EU, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia)
Requires additional hardware installation costing hundreds of thousands of dollars
Dedicated handling of ADS-B messages through the aircraft transponder
Critical position reports can mix with other operational and technical messages through multiple systems

Operational and Safety Benefits

Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B
Benefit: Exceeds GADSS standards and recommended practices on all ADS-B equipped aircraft without expensive new avionics
Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B
Benefit: Enables real-time situational awareness
Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B
Benefit: Quick fleet-wide implementation
Aireon℠ Space-Based ADS-B

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