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Crash landed on city street in Glendale, CA on 22 Sep 2017. Occupants walked out.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Tom Keliher

They won't I saw saw this livery on flight radar24 and they have not painted over it

Written on 09/24/2017 by usaf12367

They won't I saw saw this livery on flight radar24 and they have not painted over it

Written on 09/24/2017 by usaf12367

Nice pic

Written on 09/24/2017 by usaf12367

This is G-BZHB, not QB-ZHB.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Hadi Ahmad

Great shot Doug, and my compliments on your gallery (especially the film camera work)! 5*

Written on 09/24/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Doug Cook - that's the air inlet and location for the radiator. The Merlin engines were liquid cooled, as were the original Allison engines in the first P-51 versions and the A-36 Apache version of this design.

Our British friends made the Mustang great when they dropped their fabulous Rolls-Royce Merlin engine into one. The rest is history!

That Rolls-Royce Merlin engine was later license built by Packard in the U.S.A., hence the Packard-Merlin powered P-51.

Written on 09/24/2017 by cliff731

Awesome pic

Written on 09/24/2017 by Dirk Fierens

perfekt, ich war dabei!!

Written on 09/24/2017 by Uwe Zinke

Wow, ultimate thrust/aerodynamics package, where do we go from here? Can improve equipment and systems, but next big evolution? Digitize cargo into numerals?

Written on 09/24/2017 by Doug Cook

What's that signature below belly duct servicing?

Written on 09/24/2017 by Doug Cook

A gorgeous shot of my home airport AND what will probably be the last Mad Dog I'll have flown with American. A+, sir.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Savannah Ford

Clearly testing a new thruster.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Doug Cook

They all shop around.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Doug Cook

I flew this airplane in college around 2001-2002...then suddenly It re-appeared to me tonight (9/23/2017) on my radar scope as it flew around Chicago fifteen years later! I'm glad to see it still looks and flies so nicely.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Jim McMannamy

Great shot of the Boeing 767 Alessandro! By the way, the 7 in the background is South West Airlines.

Written on 09/24/2017 by Michael Richardson

That is an F100 Super Sabre, not a Fokker F-100

Written on 09/23/2017 by Frank Kaiser

oh hell yes.

Written on 09/23/2017 by george washington

Cool shot FU GENG! Your gallery is impressive also, well done!

Written on 09/23/2017 by Dave Sheehy

Someone jump out of the rear seat?

Written on 09/23/2017 by R0ME0YANKEE

In the 1960's flew these all over South America. Varig in Brazil, Aerolineas Argentinas in Argentina. Went to Iguazu from Sao Paulo several times. Once, the airport at one of the stops was closed as a gas truck had gotten stuck on the runway, so the pilot landed on a dirt road just outside of the airport. He made several turns over the falls as we got there. I would guess we made 25 to 30 flights on these old birds. Varig used to hand passengers a white cardboard box with lunch or dinner in it as you boarded. WOW, what fun. Good old days.

Written on 09/23/2017 by Rob Lamb

Nice picture

Written on 09/23/2017 by MOHICANO

Special Op's. Infill/Exfill?

Written on 09/23/2017 by MOHICANO

Wow, awesome. is this a glider?

Written on 09/23/2017 by MOHICANO

N415JN parked at EBLG. Vapor in background is from the cooling towers at Tihange Nuclear Power Station.

Written on 09/23/2017 by valkyriexb70

Frank, there are a lot of dusty boots who would agree with you.

Written on 09/23/2017 by Mark Lansdell

Pretty sure the United tail is a Vickers Viscount. Horizontal stab is angled, flat on a Convair products.

Written on 09/23/2017 by Keystone Ops

There's something about this photo and others from this guy I just don't understand.

Fernando, please explain to me how all of your photos were shot at the same airport, and yet the surrounding landscape looks entirely different in so many of them?

Like these,

Written on 09/23/2017 by jim gevay

Gone now. Scrapped at St. Thomas (TIST).

Written on 09/23/2017 by max kohnke

Encore FlightAware Cet avion est un Cessna 208B pas un Gulfstream

Written on 09/23/2017 by andré belleau


Written on 09/23/2017 by Brian Buckley

Not sure Roland but thanks for noticing the picture !

Written on 09/23/2017 by John Marotta

Thank you lordarringdon !

Written on 09/23/2017 by John Marotta

Thank you Derek !

Written on 09/23/2017 by John Marotta

Gary unfortunately I couldn't make it this year but I'm glad voodoo is retiring tho

Written on 09/23/2017 by sam kuminecz

Wow that's rear shot. lucky to have that one

Written on 09/23/2017 by Brett Easton

Shooting through a prop is simple. A cam rides on the crankshaft and only lets the gun fire when the prop is clear. 2 shots minimum for every revolution of the prop.

Written on 09/23/2017 by David Olson

Note the nocturnal wombat below the cockpit side windows. The L188 crews,including a flight engineer, only ever flew at night in the 1980's, by which decade the AN Electra fleet had been converted to cargo configuration. Nightime airport curfews were not a problem with four whispering Allisons...

Written on 09/23/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

Wright Cyclones of 1100hp each. Later production DC3's had the Pratt and Whitney engines rated at 1200hp.

Written on 09/23/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

I spent many hours in the co pilot seat of this F-27, VH-FCA. She was only six years old when this shot was taken at SYD. Noticed the JAT DC10 Series 30 parked beyond the QF B747 at the international terminal on the western side of Rwy 16.

Written on 09/23/2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

August 1977, first flight of the first shuttle.

Written on 09/23/2017 by pascal FRANCK

Denver airport. A long time ago....

Written on 09/23/2017 by pascal FRANCK

Good catch Brian!

Written on 09/23/2017 by LELAND SCHMIDT

What engines are those?

Written on 09/23/2017 by john cook

Will NEVER get how one shoots thru a spinning prop?!

Written on 09/23/2017 by Doug Cook

Very good plane, unlucky

Written on 09/23/2017 by Doug Cook

Teams/assoc. folks are in the 60-90 range. Must be a pr/ fundraiser mission.

Written on 09/23/2017 by Doug Cook

I was camping at pylon 6 when I saw her the first day with wing tanks.
Also saw her the second day [This pic] without the tanks, I never seen one so low.
Just another part of the best year I've ever had at The Reno Air Races, that Gold unlimited Race Was one for the ages!
Sorry Strevo But WOW what a race.
Can't wait for next year.

Written on 09/22/2017 by john cook

Great catch John

Written on 09/22/2017 by Derek Marshall

My uncle had one of these early in his flying career; I flew in it a couple of times as a kid. I still remember that flight and I was eight years old I think. Wow, didn't expect to see one on here! Another great shot.

Written on 09/22/2017 by trennor turcotte

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