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@Wavebuff: Absolutely!
@Dwight Hartje: Agreed. Thank you!
@Dfuller: It's such a cool, underrated airplane.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Cbro4

Thanks. Forza Azzurri !

Written on 09/19/2020 by John Marotta

Check Mate. Thanks !

Written on 09/19/2020 by John Marotta

1982 AS350B S/N: 1660, Turbomeca Arriel 1B, 681 shp.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Douglas Hoff

Thanks Gavin just enjoying some nice early morning lighting before reporting to my new job just about 1KM from KDFW

Written on 09/19/2020 by robin guess

Nice photo. Feel for all of you dealing with that.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Very nicely done.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Great photo.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Certainly some treats awaiting photographers at KBOS and you for one, make the most them. Great shot. Luckily, and fortunately for you, you're not having to deal with the terrible conditions on and inland from the west coast.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Might have missed the reg but didn't miss the stunning shot. Great picture.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Nice one John - Forza Italia!

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Great catch John, not your everyday sighting.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Nicely lit, very nicely shot. Full 5* Robin.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Bill Fornof and his F8F-2 Bearcat 7700 Charlie at NAS Dallas 1969. Both were tragically lost at NAS Quonset Point in June of 1971. 1/800 sec @ f11 Trixpan.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Don Fitzgerald


Date: 11-SEP-20
Time: 00:00:00Z
Regis#: N74HS
Aircraft Make: BEECH
Aircraft Model: A36
Event Type: ACCIDENT
Highest Injury: FATAL
Total Fatal: 1
Aircraft Missing: No
Activity: PERSONAL
Flight Phase: UNKNOWN (UNK)
Operation: 91

Written on 09/19/2020 by gretnabear

Very well done, Manuel. 5*

Written on 09/19/2020 by Dave Sheehy

Does this mean engines are trending larger for efficiency? I wonder if bird strikes will be more of a problem.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Ken Barrett

Awesome photo! Looking closely, it appears to be just a split-second before nosewheel touchdown.

Written on 09/19/2020 by Peter Fuller

I much prefer blue hour over golden hour.

Written on 09/19/2020 by masonite

great photo

Written on 09/19/2020 by garritt

wow !!!! a flying saucer landed on that plane

Written on 09/19/2020 by garritt

SW should've stuck with this scheme!

Written on 09/19/2020 by HowSwedeitis

The MUCH better livery!

Written on 09/19/2020 by HowSwedeitis

Richard Ashley...I can assure you that is not an RC-135. That really is an E-3 from Tinker. I should know...I'm a former E-3 crew member. This is by no stretch an old photograph.

Written on 09/19/2020 by rwb1104

I'm an old guy, but I'm a great guy

Written on 09/19/2020 by Hiram Ventura

I've logged a few hundred hours in FKB. Except she was VH-FKB, a Fokker F28 mark 1000. Nice Shannon shot of YR-FKB.

Written on 09/19/2020 by CHRIS ROBEY

It's just another Boeing.

Written on 09/19/2020 by RAY LLOYD

She might be old, but she still looks good

Written on 09/19/2020 by bob reeves

what has forty wheels and flies?

Written on 09/19/2020 by Daniel Stein

Big guy coming home! Excellent!

Written on 09/19/2020 by adelma

By golly they will bank over 20 degrees! Great shot!

Written on 09/19/2020 by adelma

This is the best and absolutely most beautiful shot of my favorite plane (since 1995 when my dad took me to work with him to show me the first passenger Boeing all-glass cockpit). Whenever I fly to ICN from DFW I see the Korean Air plane incoming otw to the airport and you can't mistake those landing gear. I always feel safe in the 777, I think it rivals the 747 as one of the best planes ever made.

Written on 09/19/2020 by user3956

Always like DC-9

Written on 09/19/2020 by Bill Abbott


Written on 09/18/2020 by Vincent Partin

The MU-2 has always been a favorite of mine, it is hard to beat this airplane!

Written on 09/18/2020 by dfuller

Old photograph!.....The Air Force has not flown RC135's like that since the 90's.
Whether the guy took the photo or not it is at least 20 years old.
Those are old Pratt & Whitney or GE turbojets. All the RC135 were reengined in the mid 90's with GE and Rolls Royce Turbofans.

Written on 09/18/2020 by Richard Ashley

Do those engines look enormously large and powerful or what!

Written on 09/18/2020 by Dan Chiasson

Wow, what a simply great photo. Even with light and dark, nothing is lost - superbly executed AND, something just that bit different to separate it from the mass of the passing parade of side-on shots, not that aren't well taken, but s-o-o many.

Written on 09/18/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Beautiful photo and lineup Gary 5*'s

Written on 09/18/2020 by Darryl Sarno

Love working on this aircraft. As a avionics tech, it was great. Company I worked for which is no more, a Reginal Airline we started with the Metro 2's. Then bought 8 of the 3"s, and installed our own avionics system when we received the planes from the factory. UPS flew the 3's also and had double Avionics on all 12 aircraft. Got my A&P license through the company who did the maintenance on the UPS planes. Love this airplane and enjoyed working on it.

Written on 09/18/2020 by Roland Hebert

Flew the Metro 1, 2 and 2a 35 years ago. The 2a was a 2 with a JATO in the tail, so we could take-off at a higher GTOW without having to uprate the Garretts. Was only used for engine fail on take-off. We always said it would just leave a smoke trail to the point of impact!

Written on 09/18/2020 by Paul Kavanagh

End of an era. But what an era!

Written on 09/18/2020 by Paul Barrett

The dark building on the left (with "RENO" illuminated on the roof) is City Hall.

Written on 09/18/2020 by Gary Schenauer

Note "THANK U NHS" is the writing under the wings.

Written on 09/18/2020 by zimbo1956


Written on 09/18/2020 by John Marotta

What a gorgeous creature!

Written on 09/18/2020 by Michael McGuire

@Jim: many thanks :-)

Written on 09/18/2020 by Christoph Plank

The McGuire base is named after the WWII fighter ace Thomas McGuire who flew "Pudgy" a P-38 Lightening to numerous victories.

Written on 09/18/2020 by KZ Bell

N7938C - 1979 PIPER PA-28-161
GREAT looking A/C, NICE pic!

Written on 09/18/2020 by jesse kyzer

Those amazing engines, same size a 737..crazy

Written on 09/18/2020 by ADXbear

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