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Great shot.
Is this like a private jet version of the CRJ?

Written on 10/21/2021 by ColoradoPlanespotter

Crazy...great timing on that capture!

Written on 10/20/2021 by Bill Edgar

Not my plane!

Written on 10/20/2021 by jmwalters

Thanks PLC !

Written on 10/20/2021 by JM32

"an-225 ur-82060 at shannon", There is only one AN225 flying.

Written on 10/20/2021 by Julius Thompson

Great shot! Did you get any more of N520Cx?

Written on 10/20/2021 by Trey Atkission

I flew in USCG Goats at Port Angeles, WA. Looks darn close to the ones we had. They fly forever!

Written on 10/20/2021 by Ken Lane

Josee2, you are correct, it is indeed a nice shot.

Written on 10/20/2021 by Chris Croft

Todd, it's not a commercial aircraft, it's an USAF KC-135 Stratotanker on station for aerial refueling of a B-2. Pay attention to what is in the photo. What do you think is hanging out of the ass end of this "commercial jet"?

Written on 10/20/2021 by Chris Croft

A225 is the answer apparently.

Written on 10/20/2021 by Brian Buckley

I know what it is if you read my description.i had tagged it as an225,flightaware automatically changed it to an22. Should it be tagged as an-225,a225,a-225 ???????

Written on 10/20/2021 by Brian Buckley

David & Goliath... :-)

Written on 10/20/2021 by Eberhard Hoberg

thanks, Bob

Written on 10/20/2021 by Fabian Dirscherl


Written on 10/20/2021 by Bob Smith

great photo!

Written on 10/20/2021 by Bob Smith

Chris Croft. You're right, it's very unrealistic, but it looks nice

Written on 10/20/2021 by Josee2


Written on 10/20/2021 by john tryon

Wish they would fly my way...........

Written on 10/20/2021 by john tryon

Nice shot...

Written on 10/20/2021 by john tryon

WoW! Drone Shot? ATC Tower?

Written on 10/20/2021 by Diana Rose

??? O.K., I spy with my little eye....What?

Written on 10/20/2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

Love seeing the UA 757's back!

Written on 10/20/2021 by parkerlawncare

Nice one, thanks John

Written on 10/20/2021 by parkerlawncare

Thank you Tom and Griff.

Written on 10/20/2021 by michel charron

The big bird has been busy last few weeks. BTW, this is Mriya AN-225 not Antheus AN-22.

Written on 10/20/2021 by djames225

Wow…. now I see this is actually an in-flight refueling evolution…..
Thank you for sharing this….way cool. I am guessing the tanker is the KC-135?

Written on 10/20/2021 by Todd Peters

That’s a great picture..,,not something viewed very often.. The B-2 is definitely not seen often, let alone in the same air space as a commercial jet.
Way cool.

Written on 10/20/2021 by Todd Peters

Epic click and capture of the #2 engine. Not many folks realize how high you are to share this !
Thank you

Written on 10/19/2021 by JM32

Thanks Rich

Written on 10/19/2021 by JM32

Great photo! This is D-AIXL, Lufthansa A350-900.

Written on 10/19/2021 by ColoradoPlanespotter

That's a great looking plane!

Written on 10/19/2021 by ColoradoPlanespotter

What a beauty!

Written on 10/19/2021 by Brad McHargue

I'm not 100% sure what that is (looks like a Bombardier?), but it's not a McDonnell Douglas MD-87.

Written on 10/19/2021 by fhmiii

2021 OCT 19 -> CORRECTION -> C-GXNL = DH8C 2000 OWNER -> PAL Airlines Ltd. St-John's NFL Canada

Written on 10/19/2021 by Dominique Desilets

Where is this place with all the flying boats?

Written on 10/19/2021 by John Tuzi

Awesome shot. DM FTW!

Written on 10/19/2021 by dingo65

Yes great photo Brian. 👍

Written on 10/19/2021 by Matt Hoyle

It's a B703 a 707-338C ex Qantas

Written on 10/19/2021 by Alan Macdonald

Flying a C130 on 3 engines isn't a big deal. It will fly fine on 2. I was on a 130 flight from Hue-Phu Bai to Cam Ranh on 3 engines and had no problem with landing at all.

Written on 10/19/2021 by Alan Brown

This is a C680 not C560.

Written on 10/19/2021 by ajlutz

Great Angle- All Encompassing Shot!

Written on 10/19/2021 by Diana Rose

I assume the DF antenna on top is only decoration these days. When the plane was built in 1959 it was useful.

Written on 10/19/2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

Thanks John!

Written on 10/19/2021 by Rich Barnett

HU-16B Albatross, former USAF 51-0025, c/n G-99. This one was never converted to a G-111 though.

Written on 10/19/2021 by Bill Bailey

It's an Albatross (HU-16B), and FAA reports certificate terminated and sale reported.

Written on 10/18/2021 by Michael McMurtrey


Written on 10/18/2021 by anthony geinopolos

EPIC Richard. EPIC !!

Written on 10/18/2021 by JM32

The strobes on the tails of these are really quite powerful. I have another shot where it has ''frozen'' the rear rotor blade just like a great big speedlight would do.

Written on 10/18/2021 by Steve Vit

It's certainly the long focal length that has given it this perspective. It was taxiing in and turned to starboard as I was taking the photos. 600mm through a chain-mesh fence. Can't get shots without the wire if I try to go wide with the big front element on the lens.

Written on 10/18/2021 by Steve Vit

Awsome view of Australin Airforce Boeing 707 the queen of the Jet age to carrying Passengers across the world .

Written on 10/18/2021 by Steven Richardson

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