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TUIfly Belgium MAX delivery flight returns to Boeing Field after electrical stabiliser trim failure

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The aircraft landed safely at Boeing Field at 19:09. According to some sources, it suffered an electrical stabiliser trim failure. The replay of the flight on Flightradar24 shows that the crew had difficulties maintaining altitude and never reached FL150 requested by ATC, nor were they able to maintain FL130 instructed later to return to BFI. (www.aviation24.be) المزيد...

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Ex-Boeing 737 MAX chief technical pilot indicted for fraud

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Boeing's former 737 MAX test pilot, Mark Forkner, was indicted for fraud Thursday for allegedly misleading regulators about problems tied to the aircraft's two fatal crashes. (abcnews.go.com) المزيد...

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Woman Allegedly Hacked Flight School, Cleared Planes With Maintenance Issues to Fly

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A 26-year old woman allegedly hacked into the systems of a flight training school in Florida to delete and tamper with information related to the school's airplanes. In some cases, planes that previously had maintenance issues had been "cleared" to fly, according to a police report. The hack, according to the school's CEO, could have put pilots in danger. (www.vice.com) المزيد...

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'Climb the airplane,' pilot told before California crash

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“The first thing you do when you’re in trouble is call, climb and confess — and he did not do any of the three," Diehl said. “These are very basic rules that flight instructors tell their students.” (abcnews.go.com) المزيد...

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It’s Official: British Airways Is Bringing Back 4 A380s Next Month

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British Airways has now confirmed the return of the Airbus A380. (simpleflying.com) المزيد...

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Namibian Air Force F-7 fighter crashed into a security fence

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A Namibian Air Force F-7 fighter crashed into a security fence at the end of the runway at Ondangwa Airport. The pilot was injured. (aviation-safety.net) المزيد...

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FlightAware Global Suite for Business Aircraft Adds New Flight Leg Share Option

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Flight leg sharing, exclusive to Global Gold and Platinum tier subscribers, allows the limited and secure unblocking of any single flight segment. Operators maintain overall privacy while leveraging greater flexibility. Users can privately share any specific flight leg of a blocked aircraft by offering temporary “view only” access to anyone, even non-account holders, via a simple email. (flightaware.com) المزيد...

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner has new problem involving titanium parts

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It's latest in production slip-ups that have delayed aircraft deliveries, drawn increased U.S. government scrutiny (www.foxbusiness.com) المزيد...

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Passengers couldn’t fly after NHS vaccine passport went offline

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England's COVID Pass system went offline for hours on Wednesday, causing British travelers to remain stranded at airports. Some passengers couldn't board their flights, while others suffered delays as both the National Health Service (NHS) website and app experienced issues. (arstechnica.com) المزيد...

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Southwest is giving flight attendants and pilots DoorDash to make up for staffing issues

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Southwest Airlines will give pilots and flight attendants DoorDash memberships starting October 12. The US is currently experiencing a labor shortage, caused by numerous political and social factors. Some workers, including flight attendants, told Insider they have quit due to on-the-job abuse. Southwest Airlines is giving flight attendants and pilots a six-month DoorDash subscription that will cover delivery fees and reduce service fees for purchases, The Dallas Morning News reported. The… (www.yahoo.com) المزيد...

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Court Rules United Can’t Put Unvaccinated Staff On Unpaid Leave

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A judge has extended a restraining order preventing United Airlines from sending unvaccinated employees on indefinite unpaid leave. (simpleflying.com) المزيد...

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