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Southwest Airlines is giving fully vaccinated staff 16 hours extra pay - and cutting special sick pay for unvaccinated workers who catch COVID-19

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Southwest Airlines is giving staff 16 hours extra pay if they show proof they're fully vaccinated. Southwest said flight attendants and pilots would receive pay for 13 trip segments, per CNBC. The airline is also cutting special sick pay for unvaccinated people who catch COVID-19. Southwest Airlines is boosting incentives for staff to get COVID-19 vaccines. The airline is giving fully vaccinated staff 16 hours extra pay if they show proof of vaccination before November 15, according to a… (www.yahoo.com) المزيد...

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FAA temporarily banned drones with video cameras showing Del Rio, Texas bridge

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Thousands of migrants waiting under Texas bridge to be processed. The FAA implemented, then lifted, a two week TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) over the international bridge in Del Rio, TX. News drones showed images of the thousands of migrants waiting to be processed at the USA border. By Friday afternoon, the FAA announced that news organizations could operate drone cameras in the area for the rest of the month. (www.foxnews.com) المزيد...

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No, F-22 pilots did NOT walk out after vaccine mandate.

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No, the made up story from a website that specializes in fake political stories did not tell anything close to the truth about the fallout of the recent vaccine mandates. No pilots have walked out on their responsibility to defend this country. If you rely on social media for your 'news', is it any wonder why people are so angry, and misinformed? (www.msn.com) المزيد...

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B-2 Spirit Bomber Involved in Runway Accident—and the Damage Is Unknown

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The accident took place at Whiteman Air Force Base Tuesday morning. The aircraft departed the runway after an emergency landing. The bomber sustained an unknown amount of damage. A B-2 Spirit bomber rolled off the runway during an emergency landing earlier this week, triggering FAA Flight restrictions and an investigation by Air Force Global Strike Command. The bomber, one of just twenty in existence, ended up in the grass just off the runway where it came to a stop. The pilot and copilot were… (www.yahoo.com) المزيد...

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United Airlines resuming normal operations after all US, Canada flights briefly halted

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United Airlines temporarily halted all of its flights across the U.S. and Canada early Friday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. "This morning we experienced technical system issues that impacted our operations and have since been resolved," United Airlines said in a statement to USA TODAY. "All systems are now working normally and we are working diligently to get customers to their destinations." The ground stop tied to "computer issues" lasted from… (www.yahoo.com) المزيد...

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Feds to indict ex-Boeing test pilot over 737 Max crashes

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Why is the CEO not joining him? As usual, they've made the pilot a scapegoat. (www.cbsnews.com) المزيد...

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Indian airlines fly high as August passenger traffic surges

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Shares of Indian airlines InterGlobe Aviation and SpiceJet surged on Friday after regulatory data showed that passenger growth jumped 136.6% last month as the government started to ease COVID-related travel restrictions. India had halted air travel in March 2020 as the country went into a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Domestic flights resumed in May 2020, but air travel ever since has had some limitations as the pandemic progressed. Domestic airlines carried 6.7 million… (www.yahoo.com) المزيد...

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A Look At Honeywell’s Bizarre Boeing 757 Flight Test Aircraft

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Honeywell Aerospace is known for its ground-breaking research in aviation technology. The Phoenix-based aviation firm offers products and services to airliners, business jets, and general aviation market. To examine its products and innovations, Honeywell relies on a fleet of highly modified aircraft capable of handling rigorous tests and quality checks. The firm’s Boeing 757 is one such airplane that has proved to be a reliable workhorse over the years. (simpleflying.com) المزيد...

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Rolls-Royce's all-electric aircraft completes 15-minute maiden voyage

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Rolls-Royce, best known in aviation for its jet engines, has taken an all-electric airplane on its maiden voyage. The "Spirit of Innovation" completed a 15 minute flight, marking "the beginning of an intensive flight-testing phase in which we will be collecting valuable performance data on the aircraft’s electrical power and propulsion system," the company announced. (www.engadget.com) المزيد...

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Boeing delivers 22 jets in August; 737 Max ‘white tails’ nearly gone

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Boeing said on Tuesday it handed over 22 airplanes to buyers in August as revived domestic travel fuels 737 Max deliveries, and received orders for seven 787s even as the program for that jet remains hobbled by industrial defects. The closely watched monthly orders and deliveries snapshot comes as Boeing bids to recoup billions of dollars in lost sales from the coronavirus pandemic, and move beyond the safety scandal caused by two fatal 737 Max crashes. (www.cnbc.com) المزيد...

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Qantas to Bar Unvaccinated Travelers From International Flights

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When Australia reopens its borders, international travelers flying with Qantas will need to be vaccinated. After outlining its plans last month to restart international flights by December, Australian carrier Qantas announced this week that when it does finally start flying abroad again, only those who are vaccinated will be permitted onboard. “Qantas will have a policy that internationally we’ll only be carrying vaccinated passengers,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said during an interview with… (www.msn.com) المزيد...

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Boeing Shows Optimism in New Commercial Airplane Outlook

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Boeing today delivered a relatively optimistic outlook, forecasting airlines globally will purchase 43,610 new aircraft valued at $7.2 trillion over the next 20 years and that the industry will need more than 2.1 million new personnel to meet projected air travel demand. This includes 612,000 pilots, 626,000 maintenance technicians, and 886,000 cabin crew members. The U.S. airframer’s 2021 Commercial Market Outlook (CMO) reflects an increase of about 500 airplanes or 1 percent over last year’s… (www.ainonline.com) المزيد...

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