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Second Boeing 787 Engine Found to Have Cracked Engine Mid-Shaft

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has found a second 787 engine with a cracked engine mid-shaft. This engine was installed on a Boeing 787 that had not yet flown. ( المزيد...

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toolguy105 5
It is the engine not the plane. Unfortunately many of the flying public will not separate the two because the media does not separate the two. The problem is solely General Electrics and who ever is making the Mid Shaft component to solve.

The real shame of this is that GE has been a reliable source of engines since...well since they have started to produce jet engines. I am confident they will find the source of the problem and resolve it. he question is: It is my understanding that the 787 can hang either the RR or GE engine without a retrofit. Will the users suddenly decide to hang the RR engines and avoid the GE engine? Not sure about the 747-8 if the engines or easily interchangeable.
ynot ssor 1
toolguy105 queried "[T]he question is: It is my understanding that the 787 can hang either the RR or GE engine without a retrofit."

TCDS "T00021SE Rev. 4" states:

2 Rolls-Royce plc Turbofan Engines; Models: Trent 1000-A, Trent 1000-C, or Trent 1000-E (Engine Type Certificate No. E00076EN)

2 General Electric Turbofan Engines; Models: GEnx-1B64, GEnx-1B67, GEnx-1B70,
GEnx-1B64/P1, GEnx-1B67/P1, GEnx-1B70/P1, or GEnx-1B70/75/P1 (Engine Type Certificate No. E00078NE)

One assumes a customer will order whatever engine their maintenance facilities are tooled to work with, so changing an order to RR when the carrier is tooled for GE may involve substantial unforeseen cost.
Bob Plested 1
It was never actually tried while I was there, but in theory changing engine manufacturers for a given 787 would require changing the engine pylons as well. Everything else should should work. It should be do-able if the customer desires. Both engines were certified on the 787-8, including dedicated ETOPS F&R for each engine model.

The 747-8 flies with the GenX2B engines, and no there was no path to put the Rolls engines on that airframe.
chalet 1
You just can't replace engine makes overnight, it is impossible to do it without incurring in awfully expensive re-wiring, re-piping, re-softwaring, re a lot of things including re-certification from the FAA and European authorities.
PilotGuy251 3
well at least its GE's engine and not Boeing's plane
Kawaiipoint2 3
Its a shame that this is happening with these beautiful GEnx engines. It is putting a bad taste in everyone's mouth about the B788 and B748 which neither planes deserve the criticism. This will be resolved in time. Hopefully
Pat Bell 2
This headline is misleading. That press release is an update to an earlier release, not another engine event.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Bravo ! Gr8 pointer . ThanX to correct my impulsive and hasty incorrect reactions . Our hosts " FLIGHT AWARE " should also take care to edit or add considered statements to misleading headlines .Or even to full articles . They owe us the full story , whether both sides of it or the real full story . Not the biased or branded releases .
Pat Bell 4
No worries - actually it is the author of the article who had the misleading headline. Just a pet peeve of mine to see how aviation news tends to be sensationalized by the press.

Also interesting in that article - the 787 that is pictured is powered by Rolls Royce. No GE powered 787 test aircraft were painted in that livery.
Brian Bishop 1
I noticed the photo discrepancy also. I was not surprised however.
Andrew Bunker 0
R.R. flies 787 to the junk yard!
That's a little harsh Phil Rudd?

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sparkie624 1
That goes for a lot of industries.... Out sourcing is one thing that is really killing this country.

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sparkie624 0
LOL, I agree...
sparkie624 -1
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Investigators find cracks in second Dreamliner engine

(CNN) -- Just two months after an engine cracked and failed during test aboard a Boeing 787, federal plane inspectors have found a second engine problem on a different Dreamliner, the National Transportation Safety Board announced.

The NTSB identified the problem as a cracked fan midshaft on a Dreamliner General Electric GEnx-1B turbofan engine, the group said in a written statement posted on its website Thursday. The 787 had not yet flown when investigators identified the engine problem, investigators said.

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