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NTSB releases Preliminary Report for Near Midair Collision at Newark Liberty

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The local controller recognized that the spacing was insufficient and instructed the B737 to go around. He provided traffic advisories to both the B737 and the ERJ145 pilots and instructed the ERJ145 pilot to maintain visual separation from the B737. The ERJ145 pilot responded that he was going to keep the aircraft's nose down. The B737 overflew the ERJ145 at the intersection of runways 29/4R. ( المزيد...

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preacher1 2
As happens too many times, pilot's lollygag for whatever reason. While probably still close, if the RJ would have started his t/o roll when the AirTran passed he would have been gone. Does the little used term of IMMEDIATE come into mind here, in other words, "git gone"
matt jensen 1
light the fires, not the tires!
bentwing60 1
That's about 1.5 minutes of lollygagging. Sometimes it makes a difference. What were they doing?
TRPD304 1

Witnesses interviewed about the incident.
Chris B 1

Includes photograph of event.
PhotoFinish 0
Lateral proximity after evasive maneuvers by both pilots was about 150 ft (0.03 miles) and 400 ft vertically as the approaching 737 was executing a go around, and the departing ERJ145 kept its' nose down as it was taking off.

This didn't leave much room for comfort. Without the pilots' quick action, there is a strong possibility the 2 planes would have collided over the intersection of their respective runways.
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Link to full Preliminary Report (PDF):

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