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FAA clarifies rules for logging instrument approaches

“What constitutes a ‘loggable’ instrument approach?” is the question that the FAA addressed in a recent Info statement. The statement was issued after recent requests for clarification and legal interpretations concerning the six instrument approach procedures (IAPs) that an instrument-rated pilot must log every six months in order to maintain his or her IFR currency, as required by FAR 61.57(c): “Instrument Experience.” ( More...

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BurntOut 3
The clarification is "Where does the loggable approach have to start and where does it have to end?" During my training under former airline and Air Force SAC pilots they MADE me start at the initial fix on the procedure, fly the entire procedure, and continue to MDA/DH before I took off the hood. I have met other pilots the claimed they only had to be under the hood once they were aligned with runway and then they could break off once they passed the final fix. These are people one of my instructors would call "soon to be former pilots." IMHO this clarification is likened to the teacher requiring students to hand in their homework to prove that they actually studied.
joel wiley 1
Thank you
Ken Graham 2
OK how far back do you want to go. At one time it was up to the pilot to keep himself current and shoot safe ILS approaches. Those were the good old days.
Kevin Egan 1
joel wiley 1
If that is the clarification, what was the rule before?
RLR01 1
I've been an instrument instructor for 39 years and while I'm a fan of autopilots, I've seen many pilots rely too heavily on the autopilot to be able to complete an instrument approach. They are flying with a false sense of proficiency and an autopilot failure for them would constitute an emergency. I realize the FAA doesn't comment on the use of automated systems for the purpose of meeting this regulatory standard, but I encourage everyone to honestly evaluate themselves occasionally and fly to minimums by hand.
I am in favor of a quick review of basic partial panel in preparation for the IPC. The pilot should be 'hands on' and not on auto pilot during the approaches. I also try to test them from different IAF such as DME ARC, GPS, Procedure turn; Holding Patterns at the FAF on different type of approaches.....then when five approaches are completed from IAF to DH/MDA...the auto pilot can be to test his skill and knowledge on the proper use of it...before its over, find the time fly with partial panel and minimum nav. equipt.
I don't recall the part about logging the name of the safety pilot.


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