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Two-foot hole appears in plane at 31,000 feet

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The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating what caused a two-foot hole to open up in the fuselage of an American Airlines jet during a flight from Miami to Boston this week, giving passengers a scare, The Wall Street Journal reported on its website Thursday night. ( المزيد...

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sparkie624 0
To State the Obvious: "The aircraft has been taken out of service.", WOW what a bold statement. Working in a Maint control position, taking an aircraft out of service is done routinely for much less reasons such as light bulbs, Seat Belts twisted and Doh... The official cause of the loss of cabin pressure is unknown at this time.", Maybe it was from a 2 foot hole in the cabin...
joncon25 0
What if this 757 was over the ocean on its way to Europe? No airport close by.....
757s are starting to age a little, and in the spectrum of probabilities, this is going to happen. Crews routinely train for recovery in the rare event of loss of cabin pressure, which they successfully did in this instance. Congrats to the Captain and FO.
shawn white 0
757s are old and outdated.
sparkie624 0
I don't think I would really call them all that old, but they are aging. I wonder if they are in the aging a/c inspection program yet.

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