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FlightAware Announces Flight Tracking Coverage Growth

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FlightAware Now Provides 100% Global Flight Tracking From the Moment an Aircraft Powers on at its Origin to the Second it Parks at its Destination. ( المزيد...

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sparkie624 7
Nice, and I am proud to be one of the "nearly 20,000 ADS-B ground stations" operators... Fun to watch... You can also watch planes who you cannot normally watch on FA that are hidden from view and more.. A good system, cheap and easy! The hardware is readily available and amazon (no advertisement intended) is ready to help!
Charlie Wood 5
Fantastic web site for anyone interested in aircraft or tracking loved ones while in flight I highly recommend Flight Aware
Ronnie B. 4
David Stark 2
Which aircraft? A friend of mine took a Fiji Airlines flight out of Hawaii and FA was not aware of the flight at all.
Raaj Menon 3
The problem with Flight aware is , its not that accurate, I use Flightradar24 and when a plane lands, Flightaware still shows the plane in the air while FR24 shows the accurate info.
Larry Bassett 3
I run an airport shuttle service, and track flights all day, every day. FlightAware almost always beats the others for accuracy. Every once in a while, FlightAware will miss one... but it is very rare!
Raaj Menon 0
My hit rate is almost 100% and FLightradar24 beats them every single time for pinpoint accuracy. WHy dont you try and see, I bet you, it will have it beat every time.
Raaj Menon -1
This is me sitting near the runway and comparing the 2 apps to various flights. Try that and tell me if its 100% accurate.
Larry Bassett 1
Right this second... DL1883 on your FR24 shows departing 15 minutes late.... Yet everybody else has shown the correct delay for quite some time:

31 Oct 2018 Atlanta (ATL) Orlando (MCO) B752 (N546US) - 8:55 AM - 10:24 AM
Estimated departure 9:10 AM

And everybody else shows the actual 1hr and 5min delay... 36 minutes ago!

Updated 35m 59s ago
Atlanta · Wed, October 31
Orlando Intl · Wed, October 31
Estimated departure Terminal Gate Estimated arrival Terminal Gate
10:00 am S A4 11:32 am B 78
Scheduled departure 8:55 am Scheduled arrival 10:24 am

Maybe you should stop acting so arrogant and accept the fact that they all have their limitations?
Ricky Scott 3
Why dont you stay over on FR24 then and allow us to enjoy Flightaware.
Raaj Menon 2
LOL you are funny dude, I was just saying its not accurate and was making an opinion. Have such fools around here
Michael Brunette 2
Wording mistake in the last paragraph?
"from the moment it powers on at its destination to the second it parks at its destination FBO or airport.
Maybe should read "...powers on at it's ORIGIN..."?
Daniel Baker 1
Good catch - thank you! We fixed it.
George Cottay 1
Very cool
Mary Ann Yavelow 1
Love the tracking especially when my kids are is the best tracking coverage and always “on target “!
Pete Goldman 1
Doesn't FlightAware intentionally lag their display to deter terrorism?
Céline Cinq-Mars -2
Je désire voyager en avion en novembre. Comment accéder à la liste de prix?
George Maidens 1
I recommend
Larry Bassett 1
And that has what to do with flight tracking?
George Maidens 1
Absolutely nothing! He wasn't asking about flight tracking.
George Maidens 1
Sorry, Celine wasn't asking about flight tracking.
Larry Bassett 1
I am always misunderstanding that the title of the thread actually has nothing to do with the comments that follow. Sorry!
Richard Orgill 0
Utilisez l'un des moteurs de recherche pour les tarifs d'avion
George Maidens 1
Skyscanner IS a search engine! Did you mean to reply to Céline?

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