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Leaked Recording Shows Iran Knew It Downed Jetliner

Kinda think the pilot that reported this event to ATC had the most compelling case of 'get this thing on the ground' that most could never imagine. ( More...

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Don Quixote 4
Shocking! Not
airpound69 -1
Had you read the article and not just the title, you’d realize this is just a conversation between a pilot that saw something an ATC, it doesn’t involve any authorities saying something along the lines of “we shot down an airliners”, therefore your comment makes no sense in this context.
lynx318 3
Yes as I'm sure the ATC didn't just notice the transponder code of the plane disappear from his radar. It does say "Although the recording does not include the air traffic controller notifying government officials of the incident, experts indicate that would have been an immediate step in such an incident."
Actually Teran had hoped that the US would be blamed and when world opinion went against them they had to publish the "semi" truth that they had, in fact, shot it down but it was an the real facts are starting to come FWD and now they step back and say well we will no longer play ball with Ukraine.

As Don says...shocking...NOT
jgkd705 1

Links from either extreme in this graphic L or R should not be considered news, but biased commentary.
WeatherWise -1
NewsMax??? Right.
bentwing60 -3
Had you bothered to read the article, you might have noted that the 'meat' of the info. presented came from your very own pure lefty, whack a mole, (err, conservative) "Buzzfeed"!

My comment simply pointed out the uncertainty presented to a guy sittin' in the front seat of an airliner inbound to Tehran, watchin an airliner he probably knew was out bound from Tehran gettin' shot down.

Would You want to be next, or have to think about it in the middle of a night approach in a war zone?
WeatherWise -4
I did read the article. "Pure lefty"??? That sure as hell isn't me. I just know a useless pig when I see one.
airpound69 0
Buzzfeed is a disgusting leftist hole, but no one said the article itself is leftist.
jgkd705 -1
Your strawman argument that contains "what about this..." and "Would you rather that..." is poor at best.

Even though you qualify the article with your own view, the fact that your view is dwarfed by the headline requires you to accept responsibility for it.

If you wanted to send a different message, you should have found an article that had a title similar to your own view instead of allowing newsmax to spread its disinformation in a one-liner.
bentwing60 1
Your "strawman" response that quotes "what about this..." and "Would you rather that...", none of which I wrote, might indicate that Your reply was intended to pillory the submitter of the squawk as well as the comment. For using a source that you and others don't approve of. The indication of a pseudo intellect whose mission is to attack 'the messenger', not a cogent response to the information submitted, nor my comment.

These are 'indeed' strange times.
airpound69 0
The title is incredibly misleading, but I guess this is nothing unexpected for something sourced from “buzzfeed”. The way it’s written it leads you to believe Iranian officials knew about it and even admitted to it, while in reality, the alleged recording only contains the conversation between a pilot a ATC concerning an object on flames/being shot down - no mention of what plane, on what circumstances or by whom. The article even states the part where ATC would have contacted the authorities is not present in the recording.
lynx318 2
"Oh a transponder signal just disappeared from my radar scope, that couldn't have been it." The article represents the lies told by Iranian officials immediately after the incident. They knew they did it.
AJ Mesalic -1
Betcha a donut that it was a US cyberattack that downed that commercial flight. A message to Tehran that "We can mess with any of your systems" (not just centrifuges). Notice how quickly they rolled over after sabre-rattling about the killing of their general. It's the modern-day Hiroshima.
jgkd705 -3
Please do not link newsmax articles. They aren't news, but propaganda.
Jesse Carroll 3
lynx318 2
This might help.
lynx318 2
Considering it was based on a Buzzfeed (left wing) story, kinda balances it out.


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