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Airbus cancels deal with Qatar Airways for fourth A350 -sources

Europe's Airbus has raised the stakes in a dispute with Qatar Airways over damage to the painted surface of long-haul A350 jets by revoking the contract for a fourth airplane, three people familiar with the matter said. The two companies are locked in a dispute over the impact of surface scars on the jets, with Airbus insisting the aircraft are safe and the Gulf carrier claiming there are unanswered questions over airworthiness and refusing to take deliveries. In May, a British judge… ( More...

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patrick baker 4
this sordid action by airbus leaves egg on their faces, for if a prospective passenger looks at the acne-scarred A350's of Qatar airlines, all what 22 of them, would most folks who noticed the imperfections opt to fly on any of those planes? Something unspecifed is of which no such complaints have been aired , here or anywhere) that Qatar wanted to put into service." It's just a paint job problem" rings hollow here. Qatar said we are not taking any more 350's while 22 or more sit useless on the tarmac. Airbus says"you can't have any more" today. Qatar did not build them that way, airbus did.
godutch 3
Do you have any idea what customers feel if, when boarding, they see the honeycombed 'skin' of the fuselage with paint flaking off? Doubt I would fly on it..
bentwing60 1
godutch 2
More drama... Qatar-Airbus with the A350 and Boeing-Emirates on the 777X, and the 737Max certification fiasco, and the 787 structural issues...I love it! You can't make this sh_t up...


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