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Rumor: Mesa Airlines Considering Bankruptcy, Dropping American Airlines Regional Service

Regional carrier Mesa Airlines is rumored to be considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy, or as they say Chapter 22 because this would be the airline’s second trip to the courthouse. They last used the bankruptcy process to shed aircraft obligations in 2010. A slimmed-down carrier would eliminate flying as an American Airlines regional affiliate, and focus on its United Airlines contract. Currently Mesa flies Bombardier CR-9 regional jets for American out of Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix, and 70- and… ( More...

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sparkie624 5
I am surprised that they are still in business...
Gene Poulton 2
Mesa Airlines served as a training center where pilots could learn to fly and transition into turboprops then move into jets. Many good pilots went through that program. With such a shortage of airline pilots it's hard to figure how they could be in the red.
John Prukop 2
What a far cry from the days of Larry Risley when Mesa was based at Farmington, New Mexico. I was at Mesa in the 1990's with an ATP making a NICKEL A MILE and living out of a rucksack. At least today Mesa Air Group is paying decent, almost industry standard wages! Timing is everything.
Cleffer 1
I wonder if he trapped the hook.
Owen Grzanich 1
That's crazy
Adigun Samuel -3
Dallas Fort Worth 70 phoneix


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