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Smaller airlines face more competition for crews as Air Force plans to recall 1,000 pilots

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The Air Force plan announced Friday to recall 1,000 pilots from retirement could hurt smaller airlines in the competition to hire trained crews to fly their planes. "We anticipate that the Secretary of Defense will delegate the authority to the Secretary of the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots for up to 3 years," the Pentagon said in a statement. ( المزيد...

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dieselwine 5
It's the same story over and over... You get what you pay for. After all my invested training, why would I face a horrible commute, schedule, contract and pay. As an instructor, I have minimal commute, decent schedule, and same exact pay. Corporate flying is the likely hood for most of us middle time guys anyways's... not to shabby. With 30+ years left to still fly, I just can't see how I would ever feel the lure of flying CRJ/EMB etc. for stale red tape when I can teach and contract fly. Whats the old saying, "invest in yourself".
terry gersdorf 1
to each their own....But like thousands of previous pilots before me who flew the CRJ/EMB a fantastic and fun a/c to fly and loved it... With a decent pay and schedule maybe a commute of course depending who you flew for. Eventually made the transition to the dark side. Now on the right seat AB330. Like you, I "invested myself" years ago when I was hired times were bleak but I never gave up. I stopped being a full time flight instructor but still keep my cert current and teach part time on my own a/c.
Alcides Segovia 2
I would gladly take a job for one of those positions. The problem is how do I fund the 1000 hours I need to go to get there? I have to pay for my own livelihood and take money out of my pocket to further my training.
Mike Williams 2
-Come get Martha McSally.
-I know it will not happen as she is a US Congress representative.
indy2001 2
The USAF has said publicly that it doesn't have any intent to recall retired pilots. The executive order merely gave them the means to do so if and when it is necessary.
Louis Holder 2
Is Trump about to start something? I feel it to be true.
Randall Sundblad 1
Pay attention to what indy2001 said.
Lyn Lynch 0
I knew what the AF said. My comment still applies. We have two spoiled children, both psychopaths who can start a nuclear war. Not a very secure feeling.
Lyn Lynch -1
Trump is a psychopathic madman! He wanted a huge military show of force for his coronation, I mean inauguration. Starting a war may be the ONLY thing that saves him from impeachment.
matt jensen -6
My great grandson will likely be recalled from his present right seat position to return to service. He'll be losing $250,000/yr for the privledge.
Lewis Tripp 4
How about "what you can do for your country".
matt jensen 5
He did his "time" for 20 yrs.
Nathan Casper 1
Your Great Grandson is retired after 20 years, making him at least 38. Figure 20 years per generation, that puts you at at least 98 years old, and still active in the comment threads! Hats off to you, sir!
canuk 1
If you keep going with running the numbers it gets even more interesting:
Some airline is paying him $280,000 to fly the right seat? (Figure he'd make 30k for his service, so he'd have to make $280k to lose $250k) Who is paying those wages? At those salaries the so-called pilot shortage will be a distant memory! I wonder what they are paying captains?!
Wolfgang Prigge 4
Maybe he can find a "heel spur".... ;)

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