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Lufthansa to order 17 Boeing passenger and freighter jets

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — The Lufthansa Group has announced that it would buy more passenger and cargo aircraft from Boeing. The Executive Board of the German company approved the purchase of seven Boeing 787-9 passenger aircraft, three Boeing 777F, and seven Boeing 777-8F freighter aircraft. ( More...

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Leander Williams 5
What the heck does the administration have to do with Lufthansa purchasing more planes from Boeing? How did politics enter an airline purchase agreement? Now, my opinion on the purchase is that Boeing should have at least kept production lines open for the 747-8.

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Ian Edge 4
Inflation is a Global problem, not President Bidens fault alone.
It needs tackling on a mutual global basis .
The strangle hold of Despotic regimes on our oil and gas supplies needs to be sorted out rapidly .
Manufacturing for Europe and the Americas in the far East should be brought home again.
These freighters might not be needed then .
Phil Caron 8
I guess the current administration with its anti-fuel productions is included in your description of despotic regimes. If not, it should be. Politics are destroying this great country by creating divisions among its great citizens, part of the "great reset" I guess.
Ian Edge 5
It's not a despotic regime , the Democrats are a pretty decent lot and so are most Republicans.
What's ruining the USA is an intolerance of other people's point of view, and the lack of which is stopping Polititions working together for the common good.
From abroad, religious extremism is rife in parts of the country and these people usually hold extreme right wing views, clashing with and disdainful of sensible moderate peoples views and the lack of any desire to work together .There's your great divide , what a shame .The USA was not like this a few years ago.
Grant Weidler 1
The current lot of dem's are evil. The current lot or rebup's are just a smidge less evil. We should stop paying all of them.
jerry sarfati fa -7
Yes, the current administration is terrible. But they are 1000x better than the previous administration run by a lying conman.

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Grant Weidler 4
So, in your opinion, we're all better off than we were 15 months ago? You can say all you want about the previous admin's abrasiveness, but you can't argue with results.


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