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KLM suspends all ticket sales departing Amsterdam as staff shortages worsen

Dutch airline KLM said it would be suspending the sale of all tickets from Amsterdam Schipol… ( More...

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Ted Wagschal 6
KLM is a safe airline with excellent track record. KLM is not the problem but the security and bagage staff of Schiphol airport. The airport is outsourcing the security and bagage handling to several independent companies. These companies are competing with each other and are undercutting each other's contract price. Consequently they cannot possibly increase the salaries of their staff. Negotiations are taking place between Schiphol airport, outside companies and the union. The problem is much more complex, mainly due to the past Covid situation, than just pointing fingers, Messrs. Gordon and Brian. The whole world is upside down due to the lock-downs. Even today China is still battling to keep matters going with their actual lock-downs. So let's try to stay positive. Everybody is trying to make the best out of this worldwide problem to at least break even with the pre-Covid situation. In order to find the right solutions for these problems, you sometimes need to take unpleasant decisions.
Lee Smith 1
Spot on. Flew out of Amsterdam on Thursday 5-26-22. Arv at airport and at least 2-3 thousands folks lined up trying to get into terminal. We were booked via Viking River cruises, had no hassle for the most part, but the lines were very long & time consuming. Then arrive back into Chicago and lines for U.S. Passport control at least 45-60 minutes. Our leaders and company CEO's need to do better on both sides of the Pond and all over. Staying Positive is about the only thing one can do as well as get to know your fellow traveler as we all suffer thru. Stay Safe.
Ted Wagschal 2
KLM is short of security and baggage staff, especially during the summer months. Many people were fired or left the company during the Covid lock-down. It seems to be very hard to replace them.
Brian Chandler 4
They could try.... paying people better. I bet that gets people in the roles.

I just can't help but laugh at these legacy companies in the west run by boomers who have been out of touch with reality for 30 years who are willing to functionally shut their airline down instead of paying people market/fair wages.
Susan Williams 2
Except that the problem is NOT KLM, the problem is the outsourced companies at the airport. I've flown into Amsterdam, through Schiphol, and the plane was on time, everything was perfect, until I had to wait a good half hour for my bags. That isn't the airline. Security was terrible while leaving after my last stay.
George Prudden 1
2 days ago it took about 3 hours to get to the gate.

KLM handles Delta pax at AMS, also.
Sean Awning 1
Could they be scheduling pilots for other airports because Schiphol is raising tariffs?

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ToddBaldwin3 5
Do you have a verifiable source for how many pilots were "vaccine injured?"

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ToddBaldwin3 2
Thank you for providing your sources. That explains a lot. Epoch times isn't exactly considered to be a paragon of journalism, much less a scientific journal. The article you cited, based on the headline was not a scientific cite, but a report on the opinions of some pilots. The second cite, again does not have any real statistics. Now, if you could come up with something from a peer reviewed, reputable journal, that would be good. As ThinkingGuy stated below, you lost me with Epoch Times.
George Lane 6
You lost us at "Epoch Times."
Pa Thomas 4
Angry Fox News Grandpa!
Philip Lanum 2
I would not line my virtual birdcage with the epoch times. It would burn the bottom of the cage and the smoke would kill my bird(s).
And freedom of Canada - better to spell it as freedumb. Besides, government mandates are being reduced. But, would you really trust someone who puts their wants above the company's rules of employment?
Roger Anderson 2
Are you really quoting propaganda machine Epoch times?
Dave Main 0
It would seem there are people (pilots) out there that are afraid of their own shadow. I’ve had this conversation with a family member that has been suspended until recently for refusing to vax. UAL. Apparently a lawsuit is coming. I predict they will lose.
Mike Boote 3
No, Kevin - they're worried about the baggage retrieval system at Heathrow. Good golly!
nigel mahood 1
This is unrelated to this story, I'm new and can't figure out a way to message you or reply to your question about the FedEx 727 N243FE photo I uploaded
Brian Chandler 0
You can't really be this stupid, can you?
Thomas King 1
Yes, they have no idea.
Gordon Musch -2
Just another reason to not fly KLM-Air France. Both have very poor performing websites, especially when you are paying international First Class fares. And now they are having real issues with staffing. Not being able to fly out of your HOME BASE city is appalling.
09mean -7
Now that most of us ARE vaccinated there will be less injuries as we don’t bother much about catching or spreading covid now and the unvaccinated will have a far greater risk of catching it and dying .
Brian Chandler 1
If you live in a country where vaccines have been available widely (and generally for free) and you have opted to not get one and die.... that's on you. Not on society to continue to lock down and prevent your infection.

I live in Florida, and we have been wide open again for nearly 2 years. And not faired much worse than states that went full psycho.

You can't quarantine your way out of COVID. I submit Shanghai as proof of that claim.
Philip Lanum 5
Florida stopped sending data on Covid-19 to the CDC months ago. You have no idea how many people are sick or have died. Remember, you guys fired the person reporting and then arrested them for trying to get out the word.
jvdawsey 3
Absolutely Dead On .. Florida is our neighbor in Georgia .. Florida has fared MUCH worse , because Floridians don't know what is going on , except they're supposed to all hate gays and love guns ... geez ... beach brains
Dave Main -3
Getting a little off topic but…. Florida is a great example of how to handle a pandemic….NOT


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