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U.S. watchdog finds 'weaknesses' in FAA oversight of Boeing airplane flight manuals

WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) - A government watchdog said Friday it found "weaknesses" in the Federal Aviation Administration's oversight of Boeing airplane flight manuals. In a report, the Transportation Department's Office of Inspector General report said the FAA agreed with the report's recommendations and will begin assessing existing Boeing airplane flight manuals this year. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 7
Don’t all aircraft manuals for aircraft operating under part 121 for example have to be authorized and approved by the FAA and meet current FAR’s as part of the Certification process. I didn’t think you could rewrite a simple checklist without gaining approval?
Dean Brossman 2
The Airplane Flight Manual is an approved FAA document, the Flight Crew Operating Manual is not.
patrick baker 3
so what that "qualified inspectors" are expensive. They are a required fixed cost component of a safely regulated airliner procurement process. Can't do without them, so find them and watch over their work.
paul trubits 1
Are you willing to pay more in Federal taxes to cover their expense? The American voters have chosen not to expand the Government.
paul trubits 4
The US government has chosen to allow some industries to "self certify". Having qualified inspectors is expensive. Not only do they have to be qualified they also have to be given the resources to go through millions of pages of documents and determine their accuracy and veracity. You get what you pay for. The FAA trusted Boeing and it cost all of us dearly.
Jim Allen 2
Gee, an FAA oversight with Boeing. Who’d have ever expected that? Dumb asses… yeah letting the airline oversee it’s own regulatory filings was a great idea…
John Taylor 3
Yeah, remember how American made up their own engine change procedures that caused a DC-10 engine to depart the aircraft on takeoff from ORD, roll 180 degrees and impact near a trailer park just off the end of runway 32 right.
Jim Allen 0
Hey, it worked in theory :-) There are some places you just can't cut corners... aviation is one of them. Wait until the FAA is keeping track of flights on SQLServer :-)
Chris B 1
At least someone is investigating the regulators who seem to ignore their statutory obligations.
Mike Jaureguy 1
Both the manuals as well as the 'oversight', have been trending downward since 1970. The legacy of the "jumbo" jets.


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