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Europe will soon allow phone calls on flights. Will the U.S. be next?

You can soon say goodbye to airplane mode — at least in Europe. The European Commission ruled late last month to permit airlines to provide 5G connectivity to passengers on board, including for phone calls and high-speed data. E.U. member states have until the end of June 2023 to set aside 5G frequency bands for planes. ( More...

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N K 23
NO! I prefer the Japanese way - no phone calls even on the trains. Already bed enough people playing video games with the sound on.
N K 5
Haha, bed... A bed would be not bad on some flights! Bad enough
James Simms 43
Bad enough in a Doctor’s waiting room or in Wally World listening to people yapping in a loud voice w/their phone on speaker. I would dread being trapped in an aluminum tube several miles above the Earth for several hours (just a ‘brief’ conversation on Terra Firma is bad enough much less an Ultra Long Distance flight).

If one thinks the number of violent passengers & resulting diversions are bad now, just wait if the faa allows it here.
C172Rpilot 19
What could possibly go wrong...
Tom Silva 14
Officially, the worst idea ever!
amacnabb 8
Just imagine,

200 or-so of your closest friends, all yapping on their phones simultaneously, during a 4-hour flight! And the natural tendency (when you can't hear your call well) is to speak louder... which means everyone will start speaking louder... until it's just out of control.

What could possibly go wrong?

How about allowing texting during the flight? That produces a lot less noise.
strickerje 6
This is what working in an open office environment is like. ;)
Marcus Giddens 1
Texting is allowed already in my experience.
Phillip Bohannon 3
THE Tom Silva, friend of Norm?? Hi. If not, I wonder how often you run into This Old House fans.
patrick baker 23
what are these europeans thinking of? no worries, once the talkative repressed airline ammerican phone travelers start using european airlines and discover phone freedom aloft, they will abuse that privilidge and the patience of all within earshot. dumb, very dumb....
avionik99 5
Abuse the privilege? You mean like Americans do with Alcohol at airports? We have done Zero to curb that so in comparison phone privileges are nothing. Start with Alcohol free airports first!
tpmorrow 8
Right, because Americans are the only ones who abuse alcohol at airports. Don't know where you've traveled, but it can't have been very far or often.
I was just in was certainly not just the Americans who were hammered. For us (on BA) it was a very pissed, very fat and VERY important German woman.
Alan Zelt 2
Seems to me that can be reduced by educating Americans in manners, before allowing them to buy phones.
godutch 13
Lived in and traveled in Europe extensively. Look in the mirror. Europeans are almost as bad... ESPECIALLY the Brits. Imagine the Brits teaching ANYONE manners (thinking immediately about the football one example).
websanity 15
I beg your pardon but English football fans are not representative of the British people in general. If that is your major exposure to the British then I am sorry, please come to visit and you will (normally) find people courteous and welcoming. That said standards are slipping, as they are across the world... I blame social media for turning people into narcissists. Have a good day, G
strickerje 5
Same goes for us Americans - the ones you see misbehaving aren't typical, but they're the ones you remember.
Dont make me take out my tooth brush!!!!
Kent Rebman 10
I just spent a few weeks in Italy and was on their wonderful train system a number of times. One day, I rode 45 minutes from the Milan airport to Milan's central station across the aisle from a woman who talked on her phone the entire time. I saw this sort of thing several times. The record holder was the guy on his laptop conducting business over his phone for the entire 2+ hours of the high speed Florence to Rome Termini run. So with this recent background I plead-- no! A million times NO!
C. W. GRADY 10
I'll wager a lot of 'former' airline passengers will cite that a a reason they no longer fly ....
jmilleratp 11
I avoid flying to the maximum extent possible as it is. Just put the phones in the back of the plane, and if you need to talk to the ground during the flight, you can get a seat there.
ipaisalman 9
The only place left on earth where I can get a nice nap and now they're going to once again consider phone calls on flights? Wait till they see the fights this will create.
msetera 8
Please don't. The last thing we need are loud phone conversations during our already not-fun flights.
North Tower 6
I'd rather they not, people are annoying enough on airplanes. They should at least require headsets.
Phillip Bohannon 6
Please no. I just want to read my book in peace.
Bill Knight 5
No! This is just a bad idea. If I am on a red eye I don't need the person next to me gabbing endlessly to pass the time. Many of the domestic flights allow you iMessage or message through WhatsApp. That is much less disruptive to others.
Stephen Leftly 3
Here is a thought.....

If this happens everybody within earshot should start recording the call and the publishing it on social media, with a photo of the phone caller!

If you are going to act like an inconsiderate jerk you should expect being treated like one. I doubt that texting would be an issue though.

Note: I used to take a bus into NYC ( about a one hour commute) and talking on the phone was a total no no, especially in the morning. Nobody wanted to hear somebody yapping on a phone at 6:00 am.
Dale Ballok 4
That’s the stupidest decision any transportation company could make, where passengers are in close proximity to each other. Will just result in more customer outrage.
loubearr 2
I bet it doesn't last long...
Alan Glover 2
Link doesn't work for me.
J Baer 2
It will be just like the ‘60’s again! How many kids can you cram into a phone booth!
J Baer 2
You’re better off driving if the flight is less than 350 miles. Peaceful, and arrive at the same time…with a car no less.
Alan Hewat 3
There was never much evidence to require airplane mode, and the EU has finally recognised that. Talking on phones in trains and buses is discouraged in France, and few people break that rule, but they do stream content using earbuds. I imagine it will be the same in planes. A welcome move.
Lori Anderson 2
I hope not. Don’t want to hear people talking on their phones all around me.
And obviously this time Europe is not lagging bahind the reste of the world, as in every occasion an insane decision is to be made ! Congrats again EU Commission.
k1121j 1
I’ve been in one flight with cell service. Why don’t more have it.
Alan Hewat 1
There was never much evidence to require airplane mode, and the EU has finally recognised that. Talking on phones in trains and buses is discouraged in France, and few people break that rule, but they do stream content using earbuds. I imagine it will be the same in planes. A welcome move.
So. to put a point on it..."Airplane Mode" was as effective as a ChinaFlu it!
ksmith610 1
People are pigs. If you need any more proof, watch what happens when THIS is approved. I’d rather listen to an imbecile trumpanzee babble incoherently, like what we’re gonna get for the next two years in the House run by gen-yoo-ine trumpanzees. Amazing how much filth is flying now … shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops and body odor. Charming.


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