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Brazil To Add 800 Airports

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Brazil to add 800 airports to help accommodate a growing population, many of whom can only travel by air. ( المزيد...

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Only takes them 4 hours to build an airport with a D8. They'll all be done in a month.
sparkie624 2
LOL, Ok for a bush pilot... Not sure about the 747's however. By the looks of their population, they should have started quite some time ago.
When you need 800 airports you are definitely behind the curve.
Marcus Pradel 2
Brazil has the 2nd Largest Airport Network in the world, but they need further expansion. Lots of places inland you just can't get to.
terry herbert 1
That is a great idea with the D8!
I was visiting a buddy recently of whom had ran a D11 in a mine. Wow! it could do an airport in probably an hour! Just takes an 80 hour week for all of 'em!
eagle5719 1
FSX will need a revision or a new simulator (FSXI?)
Scott Campbell 1
terry herbert 1
Pres Dilma was trolling for cash in Paris. That must be the easy way to EURO's from Germany. Seems like all the other beggars are there. Will not be long before we will be in line, thanks to our world order on the rise.
Haha! All the cash and all the contractors that Brazil could muster could not build 800 airports in 80 years!
China now has a big cash for food input there..big surprise. LOL!
More than likely China will be the leader of the world order. As they are the one, other than US/GB/EUR money managers funding the world bank. Did you not recall that all the other kids on the block called for a new currency this year. Funny since the dollar has saved all the failed governmnets aligning with democracy, since WWII.
Never fear underdog is here...Bama Jamit to ya, has now put all the remaining non workers on cradle to grave benies. Those make more than my SS benies that I earned.(the amount is such a small fraction of what I paid in} Just one more ripoff! So, the none workers now get social benies anyway. Our taxes paid in.
Solution, why work when there is no incentive? All the SS cash will be gone for ever, sooner than '42. By then there will be no workers needed and we can all fight for the last dollar. I think I will avoid the rush and demand my freebie program bama jamit now. gee won't that be nice when china takes care of us in retirement? I think the new name Chinusa is real catchy!
austin pennington 0
sounds like a good time to graduate with an Degree in Airport Management May 2013.

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