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Russia To Start Making Bootleg Boeing, Airbus Parts

As Russia’s world narrows with sweeping sanctions, it’s about to take the inevitable step of making about 100 state-of-the-art Airbus and Boeing airliners virtually worthless. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 34
Russia is going to have to issue their own airworthiness certificates as well since the aircraft will lose theirs when the knock-off parts are installed. Those aircraft will probably never be able to fly in Western airspaces again.
sparkie624 20
Now any country can stop allowing any of those planes into their country because they are not approved parts from the Manufacture! Also, if there is a crash, Boeing or Airbus will not in anyway shape or form be held accountable because they left the guidance of maintenance!
The thing is, most of us are in the US. That being the case, we infer that our legal system is gernaine worldwide. It is not. I would bet that in 50% + of the world, if there was a fatal "incident", there would be no recourse. Heck, some of the US build planes I have been in while in Africa.....
sparkie624 11
The US Standards are more accepted world wide than the Russian Standards... I doubt that most free world country that Russian Planes would go to would accept the Russian Airworthiness parts. Maybe they will send one out of the country and it get detected and grounded as not being airworthy.
Yes, we have seen your standards regarding the MAX.
N K -1
Russians are doing quite all right with space and military aviation. Sure, they can produce good enough civil aviation parts. But it is an economic war, isn't it?
sparkie624 13
Good parts, maybe, Certified parts, NO! if they are not certified or approved parts then they are bad parts in legal terms. That makes all of the parts bad!
Have seen Thai military make their own parts for the Albatros L 39. No crash yet. I guess they have also no sign experimental in the cockpit :) Yet GA in THailand has to follow very strict and sometimes idiots rules. Regarding legal terms you are right. But remember Iran had to do the same with the F14
sparkie624 2
Geez... what a comparison They probably have to make their own parts! It is a 60+ Year Old A/C that does not have manufacture support! Also, they are not flying passengers... It is a Pilot and a Copilot at best, not carrying 100 plus passengers!
Stefan Sobol -1
Of course the parts will be certified. By the Russian aviation authorities. Their piece of paper is as good as anyone else's piece of paper.
sparkie624 9
No... that is not True... A Certificate from the Russian Authorities will not mate with Manufactures specifications. The paper is useless outside of Russia and maybe China!
Stefan Sobol 1
I never said the certification would be accepted outside of Russia, just that the parts will be certified.
sparkie624 6
That Certification is worth about as much as Used toilet paper.... they are wasting their time...
Torsten Hoff 3
The manufacturers routinely get sued both in the local jurisdictions as well as in the countries where they are based because crimes are alleged to have taken place during the manufacture or design.

It is just a matter of time before a lawsuit alleges liability due to withholding OEM parts and forcing the Russians to use knock-offs. Remember that in civil trials you don’t need to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and partial guilt is a frequent outcome and can still result in a payout for the plaintiff.

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Joe Serdynski 14
this will get things going, but the embargo has something to do with russian citizens not valuing the lives of Ukrainian citizens
Greg S 6
There is no liability conceivable to Airbus or Boeing or the USG for not selling them parts, the only thing that could lead to a fatal accident is Russia deciding to fly the airplanes when they are unsafe to do so. It's Putin who doesn't value the lives of Russian citizens.

As for payback, there's nothing to pay back. When Putin dies, so does Putinism. This Russia is a one-time thing, just another personality-cult dictatorship. When Putin dies Russia will rejoin the world order and that will be the end of it. A few Russians like you still have that silly nationalistic pride, but in reality this war has proven how weak Russia is militarily. Russia is no vision, no allies, no future, ... nothing.
RECOR10 -3
Um, as a semi-Proud Citizen of the US, with a military background in my family...well, don't care less about the Russians (or the folks in Ukraine for that matter). The Russian people have options, not getting on a poorly maintained airliner is one of them.
Joe Serdynski 4
Russian Bots working overtime ! ! !
sparkie624 -1
Semi Proud... UGH.... Go to Russia where you will be proud... Oh that is right.. you are in Russia... Just pretending you are not!

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Jeff Phipps 9
On behalf of other Canadians, I apologize for mbrews stupidity.
Tim Dyck 3
As a Canadian I apologize for Jeff Phipps arrogance.
21voyageur 2
The reference to "ambulance-chasing lawyers" lends me to thinking that mbrews is American. If so, no apology required - whoever is making the offer.
sparkie624 -2
Who said anything Political... I hope you are not trying to be a Troll!
Andre Page 2
Aren't Russian aircraft banned in US airspace anyway?
sparkie624 2
Yes as well as 90% of the Free World!
RECOR10 -3
Russian "airworthiness certificates" - funny. That is almost as valid as an ID when I was 19 or a Vax card for the past couple of years. Not worth the paper they are printed on.
jwelder3 11
Bootleg schnootleg. Why not call it what it is: counterfeit.
rbt schaffer 19
Too bad there isn't a kill switch like the John Deere tractors the Russians STOLE where they could just shut down the stolen planes.. The Russians are no more than common thieves as they commandeered these LEASED aircraft, steal Ukraine grain and steel from the bombed out steel plant. They are common murderers killing tens of thousands of civilians. Let them apply their third world fixes on these modern aircraft and you won't see me cry when they start dropping out of the sky.
21voyageur -9
Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?
rbt schaffer 8
Thank you,,, I just did... Don't much like crooks and murderers..
21voyageur 1
Jeez, thought you were just winding up there. ;-{) But remember, Russia is/was known for building very robust vodka burners that would last forever. I doubt it will be raining aluminum over Russia anytime soon.
Larry Dalton 2
Hey - lay off the Vodka! LOL
Ken Jackson 4
Please remind me again how sanctions don’t work. Russia now owns the most expensive aluminum ever made because it has no value in the aviation market.
21voyageur 2
Politics trumps common sense.
sparkie624 4
One thing I learned a Long Time ago is that "Common Sense" died a long time ago!
Andre Page 2
Yeah, once "they" started labeling all their kooky ideas "common sense" ;-/
mbrews 7
The last time we checked, Airbus operates some major aircraft plants in China.

Maybe MH370 (the resident expert on all things Airbus) can enlighten us.

Hey MH, how soon do you think some China-made aircraft parts will be trans-shipped, to maintain Russia-owned Airbus aircraft ?

Sources of origin get disguised for plenty of industrial items.

Ben Bosley 17
China has banned Boeing and Airbus aircraft from Russian airlines from entering. So it seems China has told Russia this is their mess and are on their own.
Shenghao Han 7
I thought there was a news saying even China are not allowing Russian owned Airbus/Boeing enter their air space.
WhiteKnight77 3
Hopefully, then never get to fly in US, or other country's airspace, ever again.
Joe Serdynski 4
Good, let's get rid of Regulations, Lower Costs and accept the eventual outcome ! ! ! Sounds familiar to me ! ! !
James Simms 4
Sooner or later, those parts will find their way to the West. If/when an affected plane goes down, fingers will start pointing.
21voyageur 2
Once the dust settles, these airliners, once returned to their rightful owners, will be snapped up at a discount by 2nd and 3rd world registered countries. Money has no soul.
Yep lots of Mad Dog 80’s flying in Africa. One wonders where the parts to maintain them came from and who if anyone is checking.
a1brainiac 2
Parts made in India and Turkey are suspect too
lynx318 3
Which is worse, Rusky parts or Chinesium parts?
rbt schaffer 3
Bogus parts... remember back in the '70s when bogus AN bolts were failing ... but they sure looked good. These newer fly by wire aircraft will soon be using Radio Shack electronics and pilfered steel stolen from bombed out Ukranian factories
Are you aware that most (if not all) electronics and electrical cables in any airplane are made in china?
lynx318 1
lynx318 1
Have you seen the video of the Chinese slender woman bending a piece of 5'8" structural rebar with her bare hands?
Juan Jimenez 1
The top two excuses of the decade, Russia and Covid, these two should get you out of just about anything.
Roger Curtiss 1
Who actually checks the airworthiness certificates before allowing an aircraft to enter an airspace? It seems like a part could be replaced and conceivably no one would know it for awhile.
What does anyone expect them to do in this idiotic 'war'


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