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Delta curbs employee access to luxury airport lounges as it struggles with crowding

Delta Air Lines plans to curb employee access to its plush and popular airport lounges next month, its latest attempt to ease crowding. Starting Feb. 2, Delta won’t allow employees to use the airline’s airport Sky Clubs when they’re flying standby with company travel privileges, the carrier told staff in a long memo on Wednesday. They will also be barred from using the Sky Clubs when traveling for company business. “The employee discount on Delta Sky Club memberships also is discontinued,” said… ( More...

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mary susan watkins 1
well, i worked for an airline for lots of years, and employees on standby ,and sometimes even executives or management,were NEVER allowed to use the presidents club,the admirals club,the sky club,or whatever the name is/was for that airlines frequent flyer lounge..there were provisions for some international flyers,and those who were NOT members, and if they had an american express card ,were referred to the AMEX clubs which also used to be found in larger aiports..employees.were not..i also might add, working as an airliine rep in those clubs was considered a sought after/desired job,required ticketing and other experience,and to boot, a lot of those who got the job wer a bit on the "snobby" side..!!
Scott Campbell 1
I've been a few lounges from Lufthansa's (@Franfurt), United's and Delta's and few other code shares spots. My goal is never have time for one, but Lufthansa's was hard to match but that was pre-pan
United's I paid for years and gave it up. But Delta's granted as part of a Diamond Perk, has been the most consistent thru the pandemic (and I don't drink much) but the new LAX club and SEA are something I use and enjoy often. With showers and great spaces. I plan for it now. Nothing like a shower after a long day before flying home.
sparkie624 2
I have been in their lounges... Never was impressed... Most people in there are very snobby and so many get loaded to the point that they should not be flying! I would rather wait at a gate and watch planes move around...
Geoff Rowe 1
Well, I live in Atlanta so naturally Delta is my “home” airline. I don’t have the points muscle to get into their lounges (yet) so am forced to use the Priority Pass lounges. Except that I can’t because every single time I try to use them I find a (sub) human at the door taking names and numbers. Usually a 45 min wait to get into a lounge that is… lets just say “basic”.

Actually I have to say that the Priority Pass lounges at LHR are much, much nicer.
jeff slack 6
"plush and popular airport lounges"; seriously?
US carrier lounges make Horn and Hardart look like a 5-star experience ........
Jeff, buddy, you just gave away your age, plus or minus 30 ...
Roy Hunte 5
I can see someone making a movie about this in the future.
Alan Winn 5
very funny, with George Clooney or?


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