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Frankfurt Airport Security Staff Strike Causes Hundreds of Delays, Cancellations

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The Friday strike by security staff at Germany’s largest airport has resulted in hundreds of delays and cancellations. Workers who staff security checkpoints at Frankfurt International Airport walked off the job early Friday morning. ..... ( المزيد...

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Er.A.K. Mittal 2
I am always double minded while criticising any group of persons refusing to work due to non fulfillment of certain demands !
No one 'strikes work' all of a sudden, like ' a lightening strike' by some groups.
Why a situation is allowed to escalate ? Why the route/door of negotiations not kept open ALWAYS ?
I know well that every one knows all this yet we all fail at the level of decision makers on either side .
Sad :-(
Martin Haisman 2
what's wrong? they are only supposed to strike during a holiday period especially Xmas.

Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Such strikes are always painful for passengers , especially those who are outsiders and have connecting flights and reservations. any where in the world.
Sad, very sad.
At least it is not a caterer's strike. Nothing like having a non-provisioned flight from Paris to USA due to strikes.
ToddBaldwin3 1
Or Lav service. That would really stink.
James Eaton 1
Last two times passing through Frankfurt the security staff in our section looked like they were at their Summer Camp. The one guy checking one of the screening monitors had his hands held behind his head with his feet stretched out in front of him. Every person who passed him was worthy of a short chat and in the meantime the lines were growing.... Indeed, most of the staff on view were chatting with their colleagues rather than getting on with the job.
They should be encouraged to just not strike but leave altogether as they were next to useless in the efficiency and customer service dept.
Heathrow, in contrast, was the epitome of thoroughness, politeness and efficiency.
CaptJohn1 1
A travel related strike, in Europe, impossible!
canuck44 0
Should have just brought in Army/Military Police as the Brits did at Heathrow.
Fire them all. Bring in the military and replace them. Simple.

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