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Epic EasyJet A319 Rejected Takeoff

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This epic Airbus A319 rejected takeoff happened when the crew thought they herd an explosion. ( المزيد...

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Dubslow 4
Way cool. Had to have been an extremely quick reaction and decision
30west 3
It's called training!!
Guy Cocoa 3
If there was an explosion, perhaps from an engine, what would have been the implications of using the thrust reversers?
Super quick reaction time. Well done Sir!!
Bob Harrington 2
Left the stove on...
preacher1 2
Meanwhile back at the ranch, it sure looked like the front end was getting light and not far from rotation. Kudos to the crew for a nice stop and move off runway. No apparent engine or tire damage.
sparkie624 1
Very true... I think he should have been rotating by that point.
Scott Campbell 1
UH it's a A320 - 319's only have one exit over the wing
joel wiley 2
Well, it's Registration appears to be G-EZBJ. believes that belongs to an A319
Chris B 3
Thats not a registration I would like to have to call out.
Scott Campbell 1
Apparently easyJets 319's do have 2 over the wing
The 320's have 15 windows ahead of the E EXITS and
The 319's 12 -
sparkie624 1
This was backs in 2013.. Why is this news now... 2 years later.
btweston 2
Oh, Jesus. News patrol is here.

You complaining about things not being news is hardly news anymore. Go read something else, for crying out loud.

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Jeff Carey 14
How is your Croatian? Probably not up to his English.
Andy Cruickshank 6
Nice response to a snarky post. Thanks. I would not have been so polite.
joel wiley 2
Herd as a verb means to keep after something, usually livestock. They may have suddenly decided to wrangle a detonation. More likely a typo.
Tim Duggan 1
Joel, that was very clever. Homonyms in English can be challenging, certainly. (Even for native English speakers, sadly!). Was speaking with a non-native speaker (Russian) who gave an example of pronunciation....the word "sleep". Wrongly pronounced and it will sound like "slip". There are many examples. Hate to think how I might mangle someone else's language!

Back on topic...that was some excellent videography.
Joao Correia 1
You mean homophones, not homonyms. Right? ;)

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