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Embraer considers developing a 70-seat turboprop aircraft to compete with ATR

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer considers launching a turboprop aircraft program through the new joint venture established with its North American partner Boeing. ( More...

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Today everyone wants jet service. That's great, however there are locations now served with jet service that would be better served with a turbo-prop. Operational considerations effecting and limiting a jet operation may not be of concern to a turbo-prop operation. On short legs time consideration is not a serious factor especially when flight operations are conducted
below 10,000'.
Larry Toler 3
As a flight attendant for a regional airline, I didn't care. The Jetstream 41 paid me the same as the EMB145. A lot of my flights would have been better served with a 30 seat turboprop than a 50 seat jet. We did take a lot of mail though.
Bring back the lockheed Electra. With today's wing designs and improved propellers, this would be an aircraft that has it all. I still remember the the take off accelerations of the Electras when I was flying on PSA flights between SFO and LAX. MAN, that was REAL power. An American Air Lines flight engineer told me that an empty training flight departure was frequently made in "flight Idle" to show the trainee how much power was still available. Lockheed should still be making commercial aircraft.
matt jensen 1
Love my L188
Larry Toler 2
That should be interesting.
Kevin Keswick 2
If they go ahead they won't just have to compete with the ATR, they will be competing with a new and rejuvenated Q400 rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Bombardier! The Q400's new owner De Havilland Canada have plans for new variants of the Q400 including shrinks and stretches. Under Bombardier the Q400 was neglected for many years as there was no money for developing the platform as Bombardier was tapped out on the C-Series and Global programs. De Havillands parent company, Longview Partners have very deep pockets (owned by Canada's wealthiest woman) and they didn't buy the program to see it languish. In a vote of confidence the new company received orders for 23 Q400's at the recent Dubai Airshow so its future looks promising!
D.B. Warren 2
Sooo... basically stretch the EMB-120 and call it "new" ?
Larry Toler 1
I was thinking along those lines too. I think EMBRAER did that once with what looked like a 145 but pusher props. MD did it with a MD83. OF course that didn't go well with the powers who be.
Peter Fuller 1
That was the Embraer/FMA 123 Vector, a 1990 design with aft-mounted engines with pusher props.
Yeah, just like Boeing stretched the 777-200 and called it new Boeing 777-300...just like that ...🙄
bentwing60 2
When you are contemplating designing and certifying a competitor for a 30 year old airframe, You must be Boeing, or close!
Tom Novak 3
It will be developed by the new joint venture of Boeing and Embraer. This is something.
Larry Toler 4
I just wonder if it will get past proof of concept. I don't see a big market in North America, but it may work in other parts of the world.
Edward Bardes -1
Way to make me feel old. American Eagle 4184 crashed four days before I was born.
Robert Cowling -1
Because EVERYONE loves to ride in a turboprop airplane for hours. YIKES! Just say no...
matt jensen 4
If you want to get your gear and yourself to some of the more remote fishing camps, turbos are your only choice.
jammen737 1
With today’s technology ie B787 and A350, I’m sure they can find a way to make the ride much more enjoyable.
paul gilpin 1
sure they can.
will they?
jammen737 1
I think they will. They know that previous prop jobs are a pain in the arse to ride on. Make a comfortable prop that is easy to ride in. A beneficial selling point
CDBrozovich 0
Arizona needs more stacked airplanes. Good for the economy.
Larry Toler 1
We sent most of our J41 fleet back to Prestwick, Scotland from KSTL. I watched the last one fly off while I was on a pairing on an EMB145 to "KBFE" with 25 pax.
We did have ATR's but I was never certified on either 42 or 72. I'm not sure where they went. The J41's were getting to be mx hogs though.
Robert Smith 0
I hope I never have to get on another turboprop again. Way too LOUD and cramped for me.
jet4ang 1
Headsets work great if you're sensitive ☺
Robert Smith 1
They gave out earplugs to those in the middle rows.
angus perkins 6
just took the Porter Air ride from Toronto to Newark. Not nearly as loud or bad as I had prepared myself for.
Peter Fuller 5
The Dash 8 Q400 flown by Porter and others has active noise canceling equipment installed. Seems likely this would be designed into any new turboprop to reduce perceived cabin noise.


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