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Fantastic Approach into ST BARTH'S Runway 28 | Caution Terrain

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Most landings at St Barths Airport are on runway 10. Its very rare you do an approach and landing on runway 28 but well worth it as you can see on this video. ( المزيد...

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akrodriguez 9
This is a good example of how flight videos should be produced. I really like the three separate views of the same approach. Now if I only understood French...
Dennis Fernkes 3
Amazing video. So much to do in that cockpit.
justplanes 3
Glad you enjoyed the video, thank you!
patrick baker 2
i prefer this over the bay approach, landing uphill to the opposite over the hills, landing down the skislope approach, winds permitting. Landing over the hills toward the bay is a skilled approach and landing. It helps if you are landing an Ottter in either case.... Lovely views in either case.
justplanes 4
Glad you enjoyed it thank you! I don't think there is an easy approach into SBH but off course flying it in an Otter makes it easier.
Rob Heath 2
You say “tight squeeze “ for the cockpit? You haven’t flown a Lear!
John D 1
Nope, have not :)
tomasz dabrowski 1
Something you never hear with a landing on the big boys, tires screeching.
John D 1
Tight squeeze in that cockpit :) What a few though!
justplanes 3
Yes for sure! No jumpseat either so not the easiest cockpit to film :)
Flew there several times as pax...once in right seat...on 28....more thrilling landing.
tam nelson 1
Nice video! Thank you.
justplanes 2
Very welcome!
George Pepe 1
Wallace Wilhoite -6
Good quality video, but essentially click bait for ads.
justplanes 8
Clickbait is when your title says one thing and the video is about another.... clickbait has absolutely nothing to do with ads.... You Tube put ads on all videos.... sorry

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stuart boreen -7
No video on YouTube. There is a link to spend $30 to buy a download.
justplanes 7
Hello... The video has been seen 30,000 times so I'm pretty sure it works...
Daniel Griscom 3
Video worked for me (after an ad); didn't try the link...

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