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Extinction Rebellion protests unnecessary airplane travel outside Victoria International Airport

“People are travelling by plane going on holidays … There is a lot of that. There is no need to do that all. They can stay in Canada and have their holiday in Canada.” ( More...

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Mike Mohle 14
IS this for real? John Kerrey, Algore, Meghan/Fake Prince Whatever take private jets. Biden and all of the other Worldwide Govertment Boobs are flying around the world for a "Climate Summit" this week. If "Carbon Footprints" are so critical and important, why can't those idiots just Skype??? Hypocrites all!

Also, if the "Extinction Rebellion" morons are serious, they should lead the way by riding their bikes right off a cliff into the ocean (net less CO2 emissions).
That's called the double standard, you know, rules for thee, not for me.
Michael Hope 3
You missed the Canadian Prime Minister who puts his carbon tax on, but will not stop using the aircraft for personal vacations.
Mike Mohle 1
all of them!
Roy Hunte 7
Who the heck are they to tell the general public where to vacation?
Mike Mohle 1
Canada is nice and warm in winter!
paul trubits 2
It is in Victoria.
Mike Mohle 3
Oh, I forgot the EH in my posting, LOL. Last time I checked Victoria was on Vancouver Island, BC.
djames225 1
Me thinks he was taking your comment as sarcasim. TBH it actually is warm in Victoria BC in winter...well warmer than Toronto area.
Mike Mohle 0
Well 16 of my Snowbird neighbors here in AZ from there must not think so (and they pastie-white too, LOL), and need their tans.
dee9bee 6
Are we sure that this isn't a bunch of ideological high schoolers?

“I’m not saying there is anything wrong with taking a holiday in Mexico … But flying is not the way to do it.” How else will you get to Mexico from Canada...Burro?
djames225 3
While I not agreeing with those Extinction Rebellion dumbasses, did you really just ask "How else will you get to Mexico from Canada."?? O.O
Surely you're not referring to a road trip. Just how do you intend getting your wed through the USA
djames225 1
From Mexican law "Bringing cannabis of any amount or any kind – recreational or medical – across the border into Mexico is considered international drug trafficking, and can lead to arrest." Hence, if I still used, I would not.
linbb 6
Well lets see many nations which have very few compaired to the US or Canada flying have very high carbon foot prints. Also there are those who think every one should stay home and go no where except to the store as needed and to work or school. Lets all return to no cars, no planes, no RVs of any type like power boats. Oh yes lets be like some countries that have little or no form of recreation. You know like travel anywhere at any time to enjoy life.
Why are you all even bothering to waste your valuable time and effort on these selfish nerds
Cleffer 1
No one thinks of the cow farts. /s
jbermo 1
If I recall correctly, our B-747's burned roughly 10,000 lbs per hour. That's a lot of carbon!
Greg S 0
"People are traveling by plane ... There is no *need* for that".

Imagine these Robert Cowlings thinking they are the people who are qualified to judge whether others travel plans are sufficiently necessary to be allowed. The Left is an authoritarian disaster.
Mike Mohle 1
Do you mean Dickey Nacelle?


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