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New 3D scanners that do not require taking out liquids and laptops, being tested at Geneva Airport

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Geneva Airport recently installed two 3D scanners which do not require passengers to take out their large electronics and liquid pouches during bag scans. ( المزيد...

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joel wiley 5
" Gate agents will easily be able to manipulate the 3D models on their systems, allowing them to virtually tour a bag without having to open in."
Can TSA agents be trained to operate something that complex?
matt jensen 9
TSA agents haven't learned how to communicate clearly yet.
James Simms 6
And they spill the cremated remains of your relatives out onto the ground while searching for terrorists & grope 96 year old’s in a wheelchair

Went through BHX last month they wanted everything out of my bag!! Coming back through DUS I was taking them out BUT they said NO leave everything in and did NOT check inside just the scan?
Cecily Pacanin 1
About time!
Dennis Fernkes 0
March 23, 1972 was the last time I flew out of Geneva. I recall the terminal as being rather small and primitive. I assume they must have built a new one by now.
Richard Otterbourg 0
joel wiley 1
That link did not compute.

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