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American Airlines cancels all Boeing 737 Max flights for majority of summer

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American Airlines has canceled all Boeing 737 Max flights for much of the summer season. Bradley said no airlines regularly fly Boeing 737 Max planes at their airport. American Airlines announced this weekend, a four-month extension of their cancellations of all flights aboard Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9. Boeing 737 Max aircraft were grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes within the span of a few months. ( المزيد...

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mary susan watkins 2
American as well as other large airlines have special departments to handle scheduling of aircraft, and crew allocation..they know what aircraft are available in their fleet,size and mileage capability..they also work with the affiliates under the eagle (now envoy)label,so im sure they will be able to work it out without losing passengers...
Jake Spindler 1
Just to clarify American Eagle and Envoy are different now. AE is the brand and Envoy is a wholly owned operator like PSA/Piedmont. Contract carriers also operate under the AE brand and are unaffiliated with Envoy like Mesa Air, Skywest, Republic, and even Compass in the LAX market. :) A bunch of not so little, little guys also support the AE branding. :)
Jake Spindler 1
This article should read more like, "American Removes 737 Max from Summer Schedule". In fact a large portion of the Max flying has been covered with the standard 737. AA has cancelled routes in other markets where passengers can easily be rebooked and moved equipment around to compensate.
Bill Waters 0
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

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