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Two planes on tarmac involved in collision at Toronto airport

Multiple eyewitness reports say that two planes were involved in a tarmac collision Friday evening at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Photos from the tarmac show damage sustained to the tail of a Sunwing jet. A WestJet plane nearby is shown with its emergency slides deployed. CTV News Toronto senior photojournalist and aviation photographer Tom Podolec reports that two planes clipped a wing and tail. Podolec says the tail of the Sunwing Jet caught fire. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 6
Sigh...There is no Tarmac in Canada. Why do reporters keep using that? Why do they say "close proximity?" If you are in proximity you are already close!
"Look out! Those two planes are in distant proximity!"
Paul Smith 3
Would that constitute a distant miss?
Kevin Haiduk 6
And of course they had to stop and get their carry ons!
David Seider 2
I've said it before, and I'll say it again (just to give advance notice to any potential fellow passengers):
> If the fit well and truly hits the shan, and I am a passenger, any dolt who is between me, my family, and the nearest emergency exit and screws around with their carry-on stuff during evacuation, had best be prepared to either be a) trampled or b) sucker-punched and tossed into their seat. If I’m feeling particularly altruistic, I might yank them into the aisle (sans carry-on) and just be an unyielding motivating force behind them.
I sincerely hope that those that DID grab carry-ons are charged and made examples of. Fully agree with corsair2
Eric Schminke 1
You had better hope he isn't prepared. (Especially to be "b) sucker punched or tossed into into his seat.") You may end up tangling with the wrong guy.
David Seider 1
Well, Eric, the dolt had better be damned quick about heading for the exit. I'm not going to be standing around, tapping my toes, and waiting for them to get their sh*t together.
Anyhow...option b) is only one of several options.
Eric Schminke 1
corsair2: I wasn't insinuating that you would be standing around "tapping your toes and waiting for him/them to get his/their sh*t together". I'm just stating what may be a realistic result that might be different from what you expect, whether or not option b) is only one of several options. Besides, he may be quicker to react than you expect.
the article says the pilot stated the airline was "low on staff" rampers are very important to pushback and guiding into the gate,and thats the main reason they are there! pilots don't have a "rear view mirror" ! passengers first reaction is not necessarily to be calm and deplane as told!!
Pierre Cantin 1
FAwareM 1
Ah, yes, another "tarmac" story, which in reporter-speak is any area of an airport occupied by an aircraft, excluding the runway itself.
Paul Smith 1
Yes, defining an area by building material. I don’t know, but a tar and stone paving material would be dangerous around jet engines (FOD). The areas are really concrete, why don’t they say that they collided on the concrete?
Pierre Cantin 1
I love the guy going SHHHHH!!!! SHHHH!!!! I dont know what he said but I would've said....."Shhhh people come on, the OTHER plane is on fire not can you please deplane immediately?"
Kevin Keswick 1
UPDATE: Video from inside Westjet plane captures the panic on board as the SunWing jet erupts in flames
Jeffrey Bue 1
Didn't take long for the passengers to go in to panic mode.
Iain Robertson -6
"Panic" aboard the deplaning passengers on the aircraft that was NOT on fire.
Sad comment on the mental state of some passengers and their awareness of immediate danger.
gerardo godoy -1
The "American Airline Industry "shambles" is creeping up to its neighbor!!!!


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